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What kind of massage is the right therapy for you???

Each session is customized based on the needs of the client.  The following descriptions are to inform our clients of the types of massage and techniques available to them.  The level of pressure applied during the massage is determined by the client and should be communicated to the therapist to ensure your best experience.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy-   Deep Tissue Massage therapy offers the Client many of the same strokes offered by Swedish massage, but the movements are slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain.  Deep Tissue is beneficial for those with many complaints, including chronic pain, limited mobility and muscle tension or spasms. Many people with chronic tension in the shoulders and lower back find relief from these conditions when receiving regular care of Deep Tissue massage therapy.

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy-   Neuromuscular Massage Therapy (NMT) is highly recommended for injury rehabilitation, pain relief and increased range of motion and is our specialty at Woodstock Therapeutic Massage.  Many of the techniques described in relaxation and deep tissue massage are employed during Neuromuscular Massage Therapy with the addition of specific attention being placed on muscle spasms and scar tissue within the muscle.  Using various techniques including trigger point therapy and ischemic compression the therapist works to relax the muscle spasm and/or restore the scar tissue to allow for more functional performance.  Due to the pressure used this form of therapy may be somewhat painful at first, but the pressure of the massage should alleviate the muscle spasms.  Your therapist should occasionally ask you if you are comfortable during this type of work.  Although NMT does require more pressure than other forms of massage, if your personal level of comfort is exceeded during your therapy session it should be communicated to the therapist at that moment.  NMT can offer relief for pain resulting from accidents and injuries where other massage treatments have not.  

Sport Specific/Job Specific Massage Therapy-   Certain activities rely on specific muscle groups to achieve a high level of performance.  Overuse of these muscles can often cause strain which can result in injury.  Sport or Job Specific Massage Therapy focuses on these areas in order to maintain healthy, functional muscle tissue.  For example, many individuals who have careers that require long hours at a computer may experience pain in the upper back and neck due to the position of the body demanded by that task.  For athletes,  a runner or cyclist may have difficulty with pain down the side of the thigh (IT Band syndrome), or low back pain resulting from the overuse of muscles responsible for bending at the hip or hip flexion.  Information gathered prior to your massage will help us determine the best course of action for your specific situation.  Athletes who play golf, tennis, soccer, baseball, football and lacrosse or actively participate in road biking, mountain biking, hiking and running can all benefit from becoming clients of Woodstock Therapeutic Massage.  Receiving regular massage can help you preform better!

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